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About Us

Shirt Killer is an independently owned and operated online retailer that manages online stores for our roster of bands and artists. All of the garments and related merchandise available on the site are under exclusive license from the bands/artists to Shirt Killer.

In simpler terms, Shirt Killer runs and manages the official online stores for the bands on our roster and also sells select exclusive designs from bands who may have their main online stores elsewhere. You are directly supporting the bands by buying from Shirt Killer.

Shirt Killer is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and is owned and operated by Ryan Patterson. Patterson is best known for his role as the founding member of the band Coliseum, where, in addition to his position as singer, guitarist and primary songwriter, he has been responsible for the band’s acclaimed album and t-shirt designs. He has also designed countless record covers and shirts for bands across the globe, including many on the Shirt Killer roster. Through Patterson’s experiences touring and creating imagery for bands and labels, he was fortunate enough to earn the friendship and trust of many great musicians and others involved in the worldwide punk/hardcore/indie community. These relationships led to Shirt Killer’s initial roster of bands: Baroness, Coliseum, Kylesa, Torche, and Young Widows. From there, the roster continued to grow and expands to this day, ranging from newer, up-and-comers to legendary, genre-defining artists.

Patterson’s partner in operations for the majority of Shirt Killer’s existence has been Kelley Cox, an invaluable friend since the two began working together at Initial Records in the late 1990s. Cox ran most of Shirt Killer’s daily operations until 2013, when he chose to take a part-time role in the company. He is still involved on a daily basis and is an essential part of Shirt Killer.

All of Shirt Killer’s local printing is done exclusively by Monkey Drive Screen Printing and we thank them for their long-standing support. Select products (including All Pigs Must Die and The Hope Conspiracy) printed by Liberated Images in Massachusetts.