Angel Hair

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Angel Hair was an influential and boundary-pushing post-hardcore / experimental punk band from Boulder, Colorado. Formed in September 1992, Angel Hair released a handful of split 7”s and a 7” and a 12” EP on Gravity Records before disbanding in January 1995. Despite their limited recorded output, they were part of a group of bands who released music on Gravity Records in the early 1990s that dramatically shook and shaped the hardcore underground for decades to come. Along with their contemporaries in Heroin, Unwound, Universal Order Of Armageddon, Antioch Arrow, and others, Angel Hair created a volatile mixture of the confrontational aspects of punk, the artistic experimentation of post-punk, and the raw power of hardcore. The members of Angel Hair continued to shape the landscape of underground music collectively or individually in their later bands The VSS, Red Sparowes, Pleasure Forever, and Year Future.