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Seaweed was a melodic hardcore punk band from Tacoma, Washington, that formed in 1989 and released albums on Sub Pop, Hollywood Records, and Merge Records before disbanding in 1999. Unlike their Washington state peers and Sub Pop label mates, Seaweed’s music was propulsive post-hardcore with elements of DC hardcore and West Coast skate punk. Their sound was led by singer Aaron Stauffer’s instantly recognizable melodic drawl and lyrics that summed up and skewered suburban post-teen angst and yearning. The band’s music was bombastic and highly dynamic - the pummeling rhythm section pounding out powerful accents while the dual guitars wove instantly memorable hooks, riffs, and melodies throughout every song. Rarely credited for their part in the early days of the post-hardcore genre, Seaweed’s integration of indie rock’s melody with hardcore’s bombast predated Quicksand (whose drummer Alan Cage joined the band on their final album) and inspired a generation of bands. Seaweed reunited in 2007 to release a 7” EP on No Idea Records, playing shows sporadically until their final performance in 2014.