Dag Nasty

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Groundbreaking and massively influential melodic punk band Dag Nasty was formed in Washington, DC in 1985. Former Minor Threat guitarist Brian Baker (later of Bad Religion), drummer Colin Sears, bassist Roger Marbury, and vocalist Shawn Brown (later of Swiz and Red Hare) joined together to explore a fast, yet highly melodic strain of hardcore punk that quickly had a massive impact around the globe. Dag Nasty’s two albums on Dischord Records, Can I Say and Wig Out At Denko’s, are landmarks of the genre. Over the following decades the band intermittently recorded albums that became cult favorites: Field Day, Four On The Floor, and Minority Of One. In 2010, Dischord released an official version of Dag Nasty’s first recordings, Dag With Shawn, and the original lineup of Dag Nasty reformed to tour and later release the Cold Heart 7” EP in 2016.