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Louisville, Kentucky's Endpoint was the definitive Midwestern hardcore band, leading the charge for progressive politics with impassioned anthems championing the oppressed and downtrodden. Their early full-length recordings, If The Spirits Are Willing (1989) and In A Time Of Hate (1990), drew influence from the coastal hardcore movements, with elements of skate rock and early thrash metal. Endpoint quickly matured sonically, politically, and personally and in 1992 they released Catharsis, a high point for both the band and Louisville hardcore. The following year their progression leaped even farther ahead with After Taste, their final LP, which saw Endpoint at its heaviest and most melodic. After relentless touring and the personal shifts that occur in the transition into young adulthood, Endpoint decided to end their run and played their final show on December 31, 1994, in Louisville.

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