EVAN PATTERSON Songs Without Words Or Sound Illustration Book + Framed Art Print

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SONGS WITHOUT WORDS OR SOUND is the debut self-released book from Evan Patterson (JAYE JAYLE, YOUNG WIDOWS). In the same spirit as a poster book, each page is an archival-quality print and worthy of framing. Each book is bound in a flat black soft cover adorned with beautiful metallic gold ink screen printed artwork. Every book is handmade and assembled in Louisville, Kentucky by local artist Lake Tracy at his Gasoline Press.

70 page archival print book. First pressing limited to 100 copies.

A framed signed and numbered limited edition screen print, “A Burning Dove is Burning Love”, is included with every book purchase. Each order will receive either a metallic charcoal or metallic copper print at random.

Prices are post-paid and each order will be shipped by Evan personally.