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RLYR Delayer Japanese Import 2xCD

RLYR Delayer Japanese Import 2xCD

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RLYR Delayer Japanese Import 2xCD on Daymare Records / Magic Bullet Records. 

Deluxe Japanese edition double CD includes bonus disc featuring RLYR's unreleased demo.

Delayer is the debut album from Chicago’s RLYR (pronounced “relayer”). The trio boasts a lineup composed of some of the most esteemed members of the city’s experimental rock community: Trevor Shelley de Brauw (also of Pelican, Chord), Steven Hess (also of Locrian, Pan American, Cleared, etc.), and Colin DeKuiper (also of Bloodiest, Lasers and Fast and Shit) . Existing at some hypnotic cross-section of guitar-forward indie, noise, punk, prog, and post-punk, the band represents some of the most energized music in each musicians’ storied careers. Spanning four songs in 42 minutes, Delayer is epic in scope, but pointedly direct in its approach, recalling the charged anthemics of mid 80s SST via the explosive catharsis of post-hardcore.

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