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OLD BABY Love Hangover LP

OLD BABY Love Hangover LP

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OLD BABY Love Hangover LP on Karate Body Records. Featuring members of Young Widows, Slint, Shipping News and more.

Although impressive to write about this band’s pedigree, it would immediately distract you. Yes, Old Baby is from Louisville. Yes, Old Baby is filled with veteran musicians. Do they shake? They do. Do they shimmy? Oh, indeed. The southern gothic trances croon from the top of a western mountaintop, easing the restlessness from your troubled mind. Swirling (dare I say, howling) movie-scapes that would pick you up and take you away if you weren’t bolted to your damned sofa. “Are they that good?” you might ask. Oh, yes. And bold. And powerful. Sit a spell and pack a tight one, Old Baby. —Chunklet

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