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INTEGRITY Blackest Curse LP

INTEGRITY Blackest Curse LP

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INTEGRITY Blackest Curse LP on Deathwish Inc. Now features a 36 page booklet housed in a wide spine jacket. Limited to 1076 copies, the latest press of "The Blackest Curse" is available now on clear with black smoke vinyl

A ten headed beast of an album, "The Blackest Curse" is arguably the most cohesive Integrity release since "Humanity Is The Devil." With the first crushing chords of "Process of Illumination" it's apparent that Integrity are back in true form, following the metal/hardcore hybrid blueprint they forged themselves over two decades ago. The blitzkrieg bombardment of songs like "Learn To Love The Lie" and "Through The Shadows of Forever" is unrelenting, while speed demons like "Simulacra" and "Spiderwoven" are as uniquely frenzied as a metallic hardcore can get. It's not all aural brutality though, as "The Blackest Curse" proves that the root of their evil can morph into all shapes and sizes. Songs like "Before The World Was Young" and "Take Hold of Forever" showcase Integrity's trademark melodious moments as well as their dark experimental tendencies.

With "The Blackest Curse" Integrity never stray from their chosen artistic path. And like the few other legacy bands in existence (Motorhead, etc.), they don't ever need to. Their formulaic cohesive vision is why "The Blackest Curse" is truly another brilliant album, adding to their intriguing and bizarre legacy. A reign that still, after over twenty years, continues to demand a cult like devotion that is "Holy Terror" to the very core

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