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GET RAD I Can Always Live CD

GET RAD I Can Always Live CD

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GET RAD I Can Always Live CD on Hyperrealist Records / Gilead Media.

From Gilead Media: "You know, I've been a huge fanboy for everything Dave Rudnik (Bass - Get Rad, other stuff in Seven Days of Samsara, High on Crime, Kungfu Rick, and a ton of other righteous bands) since I started getting into hardcore. In addition, I was always a huge Since by Man fan (Kevin, vocals for Get Rad played guitar for SBM). So naturally when I first heard about Get Rad I was really excited to see what it was all about. I was never let down. Every release reveals more and more how much can be awesome and righteous in hardcore. Get Rad are about as good as it gets. So, April 2010 we will present what I strongly feel is one of the best hardcore records I've heard in years. Get Rad capture an energy and excitement that I've come to think was lost in hardcore. I am elated to be involved in the process of releasing the record."

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