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BURNT BOOKS Where There's Smoke There's Fire LP (KYLESA)

BURNT BOOKS Where There's Smoke There's Fire LP (KYLESA)

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BURNT BOOKS Where There's Smoke There's Fire LP released on KYLESA's Retro Futurist Records. 

Burnt Books formed in Columbia, SC in October 2011 from a variety of local bands. Matt Thompson and Troy Thames of Guyana Punch Lineand Thank God joined Joey Parker and Chuck Sligh of Tunguska to create the blended assault that is Burnt Books. The addition of Zoe Lollis brings beautiful yet brutal vocals to the fold adding another force all together. After touring on their debut S/T album (on At A Loss Records), the band started writing with a more refined vision and focus. Having known the band for some time and seen their tight yet emotionally raw live shows, Retro Futurist Records proposed to release their follow-up album. They enlisted Phillip Cope (Kylesa, Baroness, Lazer/Wulf) to produce “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire” at the World Famous Jam Room where they recorded the S/T album with Phillip.The band envisioned a musical scope of intense emotions and vitality for their second full length and first for Retro Futurist. The group takes the listener on a musical roller coaster with “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire” blending their own mix of noisy hardcore / post / punk, angular riffing and Lollis’ skin–crawling growls, wails, and mocking tones.

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