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WHIPS/CHAINS Master/Slave 12"

WHIPS/CHAINS Master/Slave 12"

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WHIPS/CHAINS Master/Slave 12" EP on Deathwish Inc. 2012

Debut 5-song 12" from Louisville's WHIPS/CHAINS, featuring Ryan Patterson (Coliseum, Black God, etc.), Will Allard (Xerxes), and Ben Sears (Black God, Xerxes). Whips/Chains play a brand of heavy, apocalyptic music for the trying times we live in. Unpolished and pure, this massive sounding down-tuned three piece takes influence from bands His Hero Is Gone, Bolt Thrower, and others.

One sided 12" features intricate etching on side B and a huge fold out newsprint poster insert. Includes download code.

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