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TAKA (MONO) Classical Punk and Echoes Under the Beauty LP 2015

TAKA (MONO) Classical Punk and Echoes Under the Beauty LP 2015

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TAKA Classical Punk and Echoes Under the Beauty LP -The debut solo album from MONO leader/guitarist Takaakira “Taka” Goto. This is a new kind of soundtrack; the music filled with beauty like Classical music, yet with such destructive impact like Punk Rock is definitely an original and unique sound.

Takaakira “Taka” Goto is lead guitarist and composer for Japanese instrumental rock band MONO. Taka’s first solo album ‘Classical Punk and Echoes Under the Beauty’ was originally written and recorded in 2003, but was never completed and ready for general release. The tracks sank into oblivion as Taka focused on MONO. Now, in 2015, they appear like a melancholic relict of the past… a relic much too precious and too authentic to be polished up – and hence, Taka decided to simply master these tracks, and to release them as they were, in their raw, slightly shop-worn beauty. Much like the album title insinuates, his music carries the dignity and grandeur of classical music, with its big orchestrations of piano and strings… yet at the same time, there is the rawness and the high-energy impact of punk rock, with wails of electric guitars and shrouds of noise.

Delicate Madness
Till The Night Comes
Silence of Eden
Emptiness Corridor
Uka - Tenshi no Ibuki

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