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RUINE Winter 2104 Demo 7"

RUINE Winter 2104 Demo 7"

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RUINE Winter 2104 Demo 7" on transparent red vinyl. Members of MAGRUDERGRIND and MUTILATION RITES.

PURE FUCKING HATE set to a colossal sludge backdrop. Prepare to be pulverized into dust. Ruine (comprised of whiskey-soaked deviants from Magrudergrind and Mutilation Rites) want you to suffer. Ruine want you dead. These two venomous, bludgeoning tracks of unadulterated hatred will pummel you straight into the abyss. This is one hell of an introduction to a soon-to-be stalwart of the sludge/doom metal world and we are beyond stoked to be bringing you this abomination. Let this 7” be the soundtrack to the end of your weak, pathetic life.

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