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ENVY A Dead Sinking Story CD

ENVY A Dead Sinking Story CD

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ENVY A Dead Sinking Story CD on Temporary Residence Ltd.

Originally released in 2003 on Level Plane Records, the album expanded Envy's American audience, and marked the first time the band toured North America. The original vinyl pressing sold out immediately, and not surprisingly now fetches over $100 on eBay. Here, finally, repackaged and re-released along with the lion's share of their seminal back catalog. Along with their now-legendary second album, All the Footprints That You've Ever Left and the Fear Expecting Ahead (also reissued recently by Temporary Residence), A Dead Sinking Story is widely regarded as an innovative high-water mark for hardcore. These two albums are justifiably viewed as modern hardcore classics whose monumental footsteps created an unending ripple

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