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FOTOCRIME Always Hell 7"

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FOTOCRIME Always Hell 7" (FOTO001) - The debut 3-song 7" EP release from FOTOCRIME, the new group from R.Pattern aka Ryan Patterson of COLISEUM. Available in standard jacket and special edition letterpress sleeve (limited to 250, also includes standard jacket). All copies on midnight black vinyl and include download code.


After spending over a decade as the singer-guitarist of post-hardcore trio Coliseum, Ryan Patterson knew it was time to continue moving forward—this time, alone. The year was 2015 and the band was on recess, deciding whether or not to cut and run after a dozen years together. 12 years, five albums, nearly 1,000 shows across the globe—it had all come, and soon it would be gone.

Patterson decided that he wasn’t going to close a chapter in his life; it was time to write a new book altogether. He reemerged under the abbreviated pseudonym R.Pattern and with a moniker under which he’d perform and release new music: Fotocrime.

Crafted alongside longtime collaborator and producer J. Robbins at Robbins’ Magpie Cage Studio, Fotocrime's debut, Always Hell, is a menagerie of trenching riffs and synth-driven melodies, all preaching in a darkness that is both inescapable and spellbinding. At his most lyrically malevolent yet, Pattern pooled inspiration from cloak-and-dagger crime fiction, dark Rockabilly crooners, and Technicolor melodrama. With an arsenal of analog synths, drum machines and his signature guitar sounds, Pattern breathes sinister new life into Cold War paranoia, modern-day malaise and smoky noir.

The EP’s bewitching opener “Always Hell” introduces Fotocrime’s sonic tenets at full force— staunch, battle hymn drums, lush keyboards, driving bass, single-note guitar work, and Pattern’s unmistakable drawl. B-side “Plate Glass Eyes” is a cold-blooded pyre burning for a lost soul, while “Tectonic Shift” parlays John Carpenter creep into a gothic waltz.

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