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CAT MAGIC PUNKS: Bastet Rising Shirt

  • 2000

CAT MAGIC PUNKS Bastet Rising Shirt - Black print on front of white unisex 100% cotton fine jersey Canvas or American Apparel brand garment, depending on stock availability. 15% of every shirt sold goes to unowned cat advocacy and treatment group Alley Cat Advocates. 

Bastet was the ancient Egyptian goddess of cats, music and love. Over the course of her history she began as the goddess of warfare in a human form, then evolved into a female with the head of a lioness, later with the head of a black cat, and eventually was depicted in many statues and other forms of art as a domestic house cat. As the first piece from Cat Magic Punks, Bastet Rising represents the mystery and power of the domesticated cat in history.

Collage/design by Ryan Patterson.

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